Care instructions

Every WEGAN piece is unique, designed and made in our atelier based in Italy. We cut and assembled them by hand with the highest quality materials which have been carefully sourced and chosen by us

The Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that we use has a strong resistant, flexibility and durable properties.

Here are some tips to provide your WEGAN products the maximum longevity and to maintain them in the best condition.

You can simply clean PVC with a clean microfibre cloth with a bit of water and soap. Keep in mind that the surface of the PVC will become slightly matt if you rub firmly, or if you use other cleaning agents. Do not use spirits, acetone or thinner to clean the PVC. 

Dry properly your PVC accessories and their metal parts immediately after the cleaning with a dry microfibre cloth. This prevents the formation of an unattractive lime residue.

ATTENTION, each product must be separated from each other to prevent color transfer.

For a better lasting of your accessories, IT IS IMPORTANT to:


  clean after use 

   store each item in dust bag separately (as the ones we provide)

  don't use under the water

  remove when active (like sport sessions and sweating activities)

  keep away from heat sources or direct sunlight and extreme cold 

  avoid contact with chemical products (as: sanitizer, chlorine, perfume...)