WEGAN seeks to reinvent the fashion industry by creating a new generation of accessories made from PVC.

Luca’s vision was heavily inspired by his travels to London and initially started out as a hobby. As he gained momentum from individual clients that were eager to adorn their everyday and evening looks, Luca decided to pursue fashion as a full time job after concluding his studies. Shortly after, he met Nicolas and together they have refined their technique, style, and creative direction to eventually become what the WEGAN brand is today.

The innovative material of PVC and high quality metal gives WEGAN accessories and jewelry a unique twist that is virtually non existent in today’s accessory and jewelry market. The flexibility and resistance of PVC opens a world of possibilities in terms of style and function, and the potential of creation is limitless.

We encourage you to reach out with new ideas or custom orders and we will work together to create something that exceeds your expectations.